Moller Skycar

I have been following the Skycar for a long time. Paul has dedicated his whole life to this vehicle. He created early prototypes as early as the 60’s. The appeal of this vehicle is the ability to take off and land vertically, no runway, just like a Harrier jet. Compare this to other “flying car” attempts, which require fold away wings and a runway, or are just 3D computer mock-ups and you will see that this it the real deal.

To become a reality for the mass market, Skycar will need the ability to fly itself (no way should the idiots on the road have the choice to pilot one of these) and an integrated traffic management system. Until we see these in road vehicles, flying cars will not be a reality for mass market transportation.

A good 60 Minutes interview with Dr. Paul Moller

This video discusses why flying cars will need to drive themselves.


“Tin whiskers” could revolutionize lithium-ion batteries


I was just thinking today how we need another stimulus (no, not from the government) for electric vehicles. Currently even the most promising lithium ion batteries have limited range unless the vehicle is compromised of an enormous amount of batteries. Still, you have the recharge time to consider.

Fuel cells would be the most promising for a rapid recharge, you just fill up like gas, and they could take advantage of solar energy to generated the needed fuel from water.

But now scientists at Washington State University have found a way to use “tin whiskers”, a kind of circuit anomaly that is currently a nuisance, to improve the capacity of lithium ion batteries threefold while also reducing the costs. They do this buy growing the nano-needles in the same environment they usually wreck havoc. See the article on Gizmag for more details.